5 Ways to get High Quality Backlinks to your Blog

Social Networking, Guest Blogging, Blogger Outreach, Brocken Link Building, HARO Technique are useful to get High Quality Backlinks to your Blog.

Backlinks are very important for Search engine optimization, backlinks helps in improving the page rank of your blog which results in higher search engine traffic.

Now there are numerous ways to get backlinks, but let me inform you that Google Pengiun checks for websites which uses spam techniques to get backlinks.

5 Ways to get High Quality Backlinks to your Blog
Get High Quality Backlinks

So don’t spam other website/ blogs with your backlinks, instead of spamming concentrate on building high quality backlinks. 

As I mentioned above there are numerous ways to build backlinks to your website, here I will be mentioning only 5 easy ways of getting backlinks to your website, these are one of the easiest ways and can be done easily by a newbie.

1. Social Networking

Social Networking website are the best way to get traffic and backlinks. Use websites like Facebook, Twitter, youtube and much more. You can also create facebook pages in order to keep you readers update about your blog.

Popular Social Media Platforms






Join Forums and discussion boards

There are many forums that allow user to have a forum signature, link your forum signature to your blog and participate more the forum to get backlinks.

Take part in Q&A website

Start participating on website like Quora and Reddit answers try to answer questions related to you blog topic and link your answer to you blog.

Quora and all social media use your Brand Mentioned in all posts bottom. Connect your name with your brand.

Like That:-
Your Name
Founder Of Your Website

2. Guest Blogging

You can write a blog to other high authority websites and try to link with your website. There are many websites that take guest post. You can link your website with do-follow backlinks.

How To Find Guest Post Website?

You can use google for that. Like, your blog keyword is blogging then you search like that:-
“blogging” guest post

You can write email for guest post to website owner. You can use google extension Email Hunter to find website email. Try to link your website with do-follow backlinks.

3. Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach is promote you website with influencers that have such amount of audiences. There are many influencers that have more audiences but try to audiences relate with your niche.

There are many influencers like Neil Patel, Backlinko, Master Blogging and much more. You can write email to promote your article and website to social media plateforms. Influencers tag your article and comment to your social sites. That positive reply go to google.

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4. Brocken Link Building

There are many website in your niche that blogs are link with other external links but external link post has 404 error then you write articles on that keyword and email to blog ower to replace that link with your website blog.

This technique is very useful in blogging niche. There are many compititors therefore you can’t tell to other for backlinks.

You can use paid tool like ahref and semrush to find brocken link and make a sheet for brocken links and write articles on that. You can use free google extension Check My Links and find brocken links.

5. HARO  Technique

HARO is connected with journalist to include in their with sources who have that expertise. HARO send emails to you for many content. There are many contents in HARO.

There are many chance to get this opportunity to you. Deadline Of Post is very close, it is very chance to get article.

Submit your blog to Directories

There are many web directories, submit your website to these web directories. You can use directories to rank your website in specific country. Submit you blog posts  to your niche directories.

Commenting on Blogs

Start commenting on Do-follow blog related to topic of your blog, this will not only help in getting backlinks but will also get you some targeted traffic. You can write comment like that for do-follow website:-
… <a href=””> word <a> …

Mistake Not To Do

  • Make backlink no related to your niche
  • Too many links on your focus keyword
  • Buying & Selling links without proper guidance
  • Building Spam Links
  • Using PBN without proper guidance
  • Building Links in beginning
  • Building only do-follow backlinks

Type Of Backlink Distribute

Type Of Anchor Text Percent
Naked Anchor Text
(Your Website and Post Name)
Branded Anchor Text
(Brand Name like Backlinko, Neil Patel)
Generic Anchor Text
(Click Here, Read More etc)
Keyword Anchor Text
(Your Focus Keyword, LSI Keyword)
Image Anchor Text 5% or Less

As blogger you should take backlinks seriously, there are many other blogs or websites on topics similar to your blog topic.

The more high quality of backlinks you have the better page rank your blog or website will get and the better page rank you have the more search engine traffic you will get. 

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