5 Ways to Get Organic Traffic to your Blog

Get traffic to a website or blog is not that hard, I mean you can get traffic by advertising your blog, from social media websites, spamming your

Most of the newbie bloggers think getting traffic to a blog is easy. My answer is getting traffic to a website or blog is not that hard, I mean you can get traffic by advertising your blog, from social media websites, spamming your blog links on different websites.

Get Organic Traffic to your Blog
5 Ways to Get Organic Traffic to your Blog

The traffic you will get from the above techniques is not permanent and you need to pay for advertisement. Once you stop advertising the traffic to your blog will start decreasing drastically. Social media promotion is a very good way of getting traffic, but social media promotion is a continuous process. You can just share one link on one social media website and keep getting traffic for months. You need to be active on social media website, keep sharing your content in order to keep getting traffic. The last way is spamming your blog link on different website, I am sure you must know that spamming is kind of illegal in the eyes of search engine and internet. So spamming can get you temporary traffic but will hurt your blog permanently.

So how can you get permanent traffic to your blog. The best way of getting permanent traffic to your blog is by search engines. Traffic that comes from search engine to a website is also known as organic traffic. Organic traffic from Search Engines is the best traffic for your blog, visitors from organic traffic are visitor that will convert into customer. Search Engine traffic visitor are basically visitors that are searching for the content you have written on your blog, thats why organic traffic from search engines is also know as targeted traffic.

So how can you get Organic traffic to your blogs and how can you increase organic traffic to your blog.

So here I will share some tips to get organic traffic to your blog.

Ways To Get Organic Traffic to Your Blog

Getting Organic traffic is not easy and it does not happen overnight. To get organic traffic you need to do search engine optimization (SEO). I know you have heard this many times, but thats the only way to get organic traffic from search engines, follow the tips mentioned below and you will see results.

Submit Your Blog to Search Engines

The first step to get organic traffic from search engine is by submitting your blog to major search engines like Google, Bing, etc. You can submit your blog to search engines by singing up with there webmaster tools, almost all major search engine provide this facility. Try Google webmaster now.

Once you have singed up with the webmaster, submitted your website and verified your ownership you can start using webmaster tools that will help you in getting organic traffic.

The first webmaster tool you should use is sitemaps. Submit your sitemaps, his will help search engine in understanding the arrangement of your blog like post, pages, categories, etc. You can also use sitemaps in webmaster tool to check the number post and pages that have been indexed.

The second most important tool in my opinion is International Targeting. This tool will help you in targeting search engine traffic from a specific country. For example your target audience is India and you set India as your target user in international targeting, this will help you in getting better targeted traffic from search engine.

There are many other tools in Webmaster tools like link to your site which provides details about backlinks to your website. Another great tool is Search Analytic which provides the detail about keyword your blog has been indexed for and amount of traffic you are getting from these keywords.

As you can see there are many advantages of using the webmaster tools provided by search engine. Using these webmaster tool is very necessary in order to get organic traffic from search engines to your blog.

Seo Friendly Content

When we search for something on a search engine, search engine provides thousands of result for the query. We have the freedom to choose any result out of the thousands of result, but normally we choose results from the first page. Hardly we go to the second page or further, mostly we get suitable and correct results from the first page. This means search engines are intelligent, they will provide only relevant, high quality and seo optimized results on the first page.

So to get organic traffic its very important to show up on the first page of search engine result. There are various factors that help in ranking better in search engines, but the most important factor is SEO friendly content.

Some tips on writing Seo Friendly Content.

  • Write a Good title and meta description
  • Do keyword research
  • Try to use your focus keyword in title, content, headings, meta description and page url.
  • Use long tail keywords.
  • Use image and add Alt text
  • Try to write longer articles. (I prefer atleast 1000 words)

Build Backlinks

Backlinks is also an important factor to rank better in search engines. Try to build backlinks from blog and website that have good PR. Build backlinks from relevant website and blogs. Concentrate on building only quality backlinks don’t waste your time and money in spamming and buying backlinks. Spamming and buying backlinks will only help you in getting banned from search engines.

Try to build backlink to your main page this will help you in increasing Domain Authority. You can also build backlinks to your blog post or specific web page, but your main goal should be backlinks to your main page. Once you have good amount of backlinks to your blog you will rank better in search engines and get organic traffic.

Publish Frequently

Publish new blog post frequently, by frequently I don’t mean posting multiple blog post in a single day or publishing a new blog post everyday. Try to publish a new blog post in every 2 days if you are a new blogger.

The more content you have the more search engines will crawl your website. Your readers will also like read more related article, so its always good to have quantity content. Quantity of content is important but don’t compromise with the quality of content in order to get quantity. So publish a reasonable amount of new blog post. If you can’t come up with an idea for a new blog post, you can also update your old blog post.

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Social Media Promotion

In the beginning of the post, I have said that social media traffic is temporary. You can’t just survive on traffic from Social media , its a good way of getting traffic but not better than Organic Traffic from Search Engines.

So you might be thinking, why i am recommending social media promotion for getting organic traffic from search engines. The thing is that search engine like Google and Bing consider social media presence as an important factor in search result ranking.

So share your content on Social media websites and allow your users to share your content by adding social media share and follow buttons on your blog.