How to add Alexa Rank Widget on your Blog

Most of the people reading this page to know what is Alexa. For people who don’t know, Alexa website provides data of website traffic and ranking.

I assume most of the people reading this page know what is Alexa. For people who don’t know, Alexa is a website that provides data about website traffic and ranking.

Alexa Rank Widget on your Blog
How to add Alexa Rank Widget on your Blog

Most of the high traffic website have a Alexa rank widget that shows the rank of the website. Having an Alexa Rank Widget is very important. Adding Alexa rank widget to your blog helps Alexa in better tracking of your website.

If you haven’t added an Alexa rank widget to your blog, then I would recommend you to do it as soon as possible. Adding an Alexa rank widget takes just a few minutes and its very easy. Firstly I would suggest you to submit your blog to Alexa and signup for a free Alexa account.

How to Submit your Blog to Alexa ?

As I mentioned earlier the first step is to Create an Alexa Account. You can create an Alexa account by simply visiting the After signing up you will be redirected to your Alexa Dashboard page.

Click on ADD MY SITE button and Enter your blog web address and the Click on View Plans and Pricing. After clicking on view Plans and Pricing you will be redirected Plans and Pricing page. This page will show you three different paid plan to monitor your site traffic.

If you don’t want to signup for any paid plan then scroll down a little bit and you will see “Take control of the info on your site’s listing on Alexa by claiming your site.” Click on claiming your site and you will be redirected to Claim Your site page. Just enter your blog url and click on continue.

Now you will se three options to verify the ownership of the website. The first option is to Upload a Alexa verification file to root directory. There is nothing to explain in the first option its simple , download the verification file and then upload the file from cpanel file manager to your root directory.

Second option is to Add Alexa Verification Id to your Homepage. On selecting the second option you will see a meta tag like this:

If you are using wordpress simply go to Appearance >> Editor and select header.php . You need to copy the meta tag provided by Alexa and paste it below the tag in header.php and click on update file button.

If you are using blogger as your blogging platform copy and paste the meta tag below in your template file.

Adding Alexa Rank Widget on your Blog

If you are using WordPress then there are two ways to add Alexa rank widget.

First way to add Alexa rank widget in WordPress is by copy and pasting this code:

Change to the url of your blog and copy the code and paste it where ever you want the widget to appear. You can add the Alexa rank widget by going to Dashboard>> Appearance>> Widget then drag a text widget and drop it in the sidebar. Copy and paste the Alexa widget code in the Text Widget then save it.

Second way of adding Alexa rank widget in WordPress is by plugin. You can download and install the Alexa Rank Widget plugin.

Go to Dashboard>> Appearance>> Widget drag and drop the Alexa Rank Widget to your sidebar. After that you just need to enter your bog url in the Alexa rank Widget.

If your website or blog has good Alexa ranking then Alexa rank widget is a must, your visitor will be able to see your Alexa ranking and will trust you and your content more.